Seraphim Messenger (sad_acolyte) wrote in sexies_anon,
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I think making this a rating community will ultimatley make it suck. Maybe the app could be more like an introduction and just... a place to post stuff... if your a lil weird... and not so 'outwardly' fucking drop dead gorgeous. lol add "how many rating communties have you been rejected from" ;x I figure the theme is offbeat sexiness right? Lets stick to that... And even if someone is 'outwardly beautiful' I think the only way to be offensive is conceit or... a superiority complex... :( I don't like how many people I had to 'stamp' in the other community and how many i had to decline over stupid shit. I want it to feel comfy, no egos. Yanno? I'm just rambling i'm really sleepie.

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