Ashen (cadaver_doll) wrote in sexies_anon,

1. Name- Ash
2. Age- 17
3. Location Sydney, Australia


Your Top 5

Band/Singers: Rammstein, The Cure, David Bowie, Joy Division, Orgy
Books/Mags: I don't like magazines as such, but my favourite books are: "Alice in Wonderland", The Complete works of E.A. Poe, Deaths Acre- Bill Bass, and a Clockwork Orange- Anthony Burgess
Hobbies: At the moment, my main hobby is my final artwork for school- I'm repainting dolls, and adding to them, because I want to show the viewer how the human race is slowly becoming dependent on technology. Other than that, I like the usual, bad horror movies, living on the computer, listening to alot of music and spending time with the boy.

Your Top 4

Movies: This is a hard one. I always resent this question. Top movies for me- A Clockwork Orange, the Hellraiser series, Amelie and Edward Scissorhands
Songs: Home- by The cure, Unguarded Moment- by the Church, Ashes to ashes- david bowie and Du Reichst so gut- Rammstein
TV Shows: I don't watch any t.v shows, though I loved Invader zim when it was on. Other than that, I really only watch documentaries.

Your Top 3

Artist/works: H.R. Giger- The Spell, Mark Ryden- The last Rabbit and most of Trevor Brown's work.
Celebrities: I think Christina Ricci is utterly gorgeous, but other than that, I don't pay much attention to the celebrity world, and really don't have any favourites.
Sexual Position: Trussed up :)

Your Top 2

Foods: Potatoes, and salmon sushi
Turn offs: The boy's "creepy face", and arrogance.
Store: Bunnings warehouse (a hardware store)

Your number 1

Quote:"a hideous throng rush out forever, and laugh- but smile no more: from Edgar Allen Poe's "The haunted palace"
Place to be: In bed with my lovely.
Thing that makes you happy: My kitten, headbutting me in the morning

Questions: (give specific, detailed answers... remember details do nothing but help.)

When choosing a partner what do you look for? Above all else, I look for someone who I can talk to, for hours on end, about nothing in particular. I believe good relationships are based on the ability to talk to one another. My boyfriend is also my best friend, and I always look for people who can be that as well as a love interest. I want someone who I can trust unconditonally, and who can do the same for me, they have to be honest, both with themselves and with other people, and they should be able to cry- because emotion is incredibly important, and I don't think anyone should be ashamed of crying. Lastly, I look for someone with the same interests as me, who likes to do the same sorts of things I do, so we never have a dull moment.

What makes you an individual? I don't ever try to be an individual, I just am. I do what I like, and live my life according to my own standards. Some people think I'm nasty, but I'm just honest, because I give to other people what I want given back, and honest opinion, not a mumbled, regurgitated piece of information. I believe people are too hung up on looks, so I try to go beyond that, and value intelligence above all else. I also appreciate the correct use of english, which isn't something I see in alot of people. In these ways, I seem to always be outside a crowd, but that suits me perfectly, I don't want to live my life by the standards of the masses.

How would you describe your style? Eclectic. There's really no other word for it.

How would you describe you? I'm honest, and open to help people, even with a small problem. Anyone who does wrong by me will regret it for so long as they're in their life. I don't like to have many friends, because I don't trust easily, but those that I do trust have my unconditional love and loyalty. I'm outspoken when someone gives an opinion and I want to debate them, but generally speaking, I'm very shy, and prefer to go unnoticed.
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I luff you too

have you never heard the expression @trussed up like a christmas turkey"? SHELTERED!