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No need for perfection, just turn me on...

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Yes, it's another rating community. However, we do not judge solely on looks or intelligence. We rate you on creativity, charisma, and allure. These things make a person sexy. We won't vote because we have the same interests or... whatever others do. We want to get a feel for your personality. While we do ask for pictures you are 100% not being judged on looks. But we would like to know that you do have a way of getting pictures and will be actively posting etc... I want to you though words. What we're not looking for is conceit, big egos, negativity... just Pro-Sexy people... No matter you weight, gender, features. We just want to know you... If your honest you'll get approved... 'sure thing' even. However on the off chance we feel you are... -really- not about what we are -here-. Then -sadly- yes you will be declined. Thanks for your time in reading this... Good luck sexy...


1. When you join this community you must submit your application. If not, you will be removed from the community. There is a 5 day grace period.

2. You will be rated on your application. Your application will consist of at least two pics, one clear picture of your face. The rest is your responses to the questions. Please remember, DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!. The more you post the more we know about you and can make an appropriate judgement.

3. Before the cut: Name, Age, Location. Pic and the rest goes behind. If you do not know how to cut, See the FAQ.

4. Please do not link to your pictures. Your pictures must be clearly visible in your post. If you do not know how to post images refer to
the FAQ for more information.

5. Stamped members will vote on your application. Unless you are stamped, you will comment nowhere but in your own original post. This means, no voting on other apps. and no commenting on other posts unless they are extenuating circumstances.

4. Voting will last 2 days. During that two days everyone will post their votes. Votes will consist of a yes/no type thing and a reason why if no. The majority will decide.

5. You may be harsh, but do not be cruel. There is no sense in making someone cry over a rating community. There is a difference. Anyone who incites a flamewar will be banned.

6. Once accepted, don't make trouble with other stamped members. This immediate cause for a ban. Also, once you are accepted you must vote! We understand that everyone has lives, but at least once in a while, try to vote. If you become inactive, you will be removed from the community.

7. If you are not a mod, you cannot stamp. Period.

8. If you are rejected you may email a mod to ask to reapply. The mods will decide if you deserve another chance.


First things first:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Location
4. Pic (Cut the pic and beyond)

This part is to be detailed, just to give us an idea about yourself. Remember, we're trying to get a feel of you, the more you tell us, the better.

Your Top 5


Your Top 4

TV Shows:

Your Top 3

Sexual Position:

Your Top 2

Turn offs:

Your number 1

Place to be:
Thing that makes you happy:

Questions: (give specific, detailed answers... remember details do nothing but help.)

When choosing a partner what do you look for?

What makes you an individual?

How would you describe your style?

How would you describe you?

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email: novellas@livejournal.com

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email: sadacolyte@aol.com